Collection 2

Digital fashion

Unleash the fashion innovator within you with our debut DressX collection.

Did you know that producing a digital garment emits a whopping 97% less CO2 compared to producing a physical garment? And that’s not all, on average, it saves a staggering 3300 liters of water per item. To put that into perspective, it’s enough for one person to drink 2 liters of water per day for 3.5 years! By opting for digital garments, we can make a significant impact on the environment without sacrificing style. Learn more

How to wear digital fashion

Get started with DressX.
Step 1. Select a photo
Pick a high-quality picture that is well-lit, with well-fitted clothing. Have a look at the DressX image upload recommendations when in doubt.
Step 2. Buy a digital jacket
Find your favorite SPARK + REBEL jacket on DressX. Upload your photo and place an order.
Step 3. Receive your order
Receive an email from DressX in one-two days with the completed order. Now you join other cutting edge innovators embracing the world of digital fashion.
Step 4*. Additional edits
Do additional photo editing in your favorite app for a more creative vision!
Step 5*. Post to social media
Post your photo on social media and tag #dressx and #sparkandrebel to officially join the digital fashion community.
Step 6*. Frame as art
Digital fashion doesn’t have to be only digital! Print your image, frame it and enjoy it on the wall. Have fun!
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