Collection 2

Hello, history.

Our COLLECTION 1 is a stunning ensemble of eight admiral jackets, each piece a homage to the grandeur of historical military uniforms and the rich tapestry of ethnic attire, adorned with luxurious embroidery and a symphony of sparkles. Drawing inspiration from the men’s military garments of the 18th and 19th centuries and the awe-inspiring creations of Guo Pei, this collection is a celebration of diversity and inclusivity. Embracing individuals of all genders, it invites you to partake in a sartorial feast that respects history while allowing for bold self-expression. Step into our world, where you’re not just dressed, but destined to shine.

How to wear digital fashion

Get started with DressX.
Step 1. Select a photo
Pick a high-quality picture that is well-lit, with well-fitted clothing. Have a look at the DressX image upload recommendations when in doubt.
Step 2. Buy a digital jacket
Find your favorite SPARK + REBEL jacket on DressX. Upload your photo and place an order.
Step 3. Receive your order
Receive an email from DressX in one-two days with the completed order. Now you join other cutting edge innovators embracing the world of digital fashion.
Step 4*. Additional edits
Do additional photo editing in your favorite app for a more creative vision!
Step 5*. Post to social media
Post your photo on social media and tag #dressx and #sparkandrebel to officially join the digital fashion community.
Step 6*. Frame as art
Digital fashion doesn’t have to be only digital! Print your image, frame it and enjoy it on the wall. Have fun!
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How we made this collection

We’ve blended historical military uniforms with modular fashion to create something special—a trendy crop jacket featuring cool detachable pieces. After bringing these designs to life in the real world, we collaborated with the amazing 3D artist Alexander Knight. He digitally transformed our designs in Clo3D, infusing them with vibrant colors, rich, shiny textures, and unique embellishments. Our first collection welcomes wearers of all genders, embraces historical context, and offers a platform for self-expression.

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