Our story

SPARK + REBEL came to life in 2020, all thanks to Monica Ma, a Silicon Valley product designer and a stylist. Her aha moment? Watching the eye-opening documentary, «The True Cost,» which shed light on the shocking impact of fast fashion on people and our planet.
Determined to make a difference, Monica embarked on a mission to empower consumers to express their unique style sustainably. She birthed two brands to make this happen: Sparkpick, a go-to eco-fashion styling blog showcasing carefully curated looks from trusted sustainable fashion brands, and SPARK + REBEL, a unisex modular fashion brand with a fresh take on sustainability.

Our design values

Our sustainable design mantra is straightforward: reuse, reduce, recycle. We’re all about breathing new life into surplus fabric sourced from top-notch industry players, giving these materials a well-deserved second chance. We firmly believe your entire wardrobe can fit into one bag, and we’re big fans of using recycled fabrics.

Less waste, more wow!

Meet the team

People who made your clothes:

Monica Ma

Creative director, Fashion designer

Larisa Zaiko

Fashion designer

Alexander Knight

3D artist

Rosa Sanchez



When you purchase from SPARK + REBEL, you’re not just buying a garment, you’re supporting a better world.
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Saving water & energy

With our sustainable fashion brand, you are saving water and energy with every garment. Besides GOTS certified organic cotton, cactus leather and up-cycled fabric, we're proud to offer a digital collection that's as sustainable as it is stylish.

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Saving time, space & money

Our sustainable clothing and accessories collections empower you to create endless looks, without creating waste. At SPARK + REBEL, we believe in a magic wardrobe that's versatile, long-lasting, and fits into a single bag.

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Fair Trade

At SPARK + REBEL, we guarantee that the people who make your clothing are paid fairly and have excellent working conditions. We believe that ethical and sustainable fashion starts with treating people well.

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