Collection 2

Hello, modularity.

In COLLECTION 2, we’ve wholeheartedly embraced the art of modularity and the magic of upcycling. Our star pieces feature detachable accessories – trusty sidekicks in the form of upcycled and sustainable pins. They’re not just accessories; they’re your passport to a world of limitless looks. Express your unique style and mix ‘n’ match like a fashion wizard.


We took an inspiration from beautiful sustainable garments crafted by Econcsious, and gave their eco hoodie a creative spin. We modified the hoodie to be modular: thanks to detachable hood and sleeves, it easily transforms into a vest. But that’s not all magic. You can also add multiple pins to the shoulders, sleeves, front, sides, and back.

hoodie capsule

Ready to take your hoodie fashion game to dazzling heights? Our collection of exquisite pins is here to light up your wardrobe and redefine your look, especially designed to complement our transformable adult hoodie. All accessories are hand-made in our factory in San Diego from repurposed leather & organic Desserto cactus leather.

How to style this collection

Create your unique hoodie capsule.

Hoodie + complementary pins
For a one-of-a-kind casual look, wear the garment as a hoodie and accentuate it with the complementary pins. If you prefer a more understated style, you can remove the epaulette pins from the shoulders, the shoulder pin, and the front pin.
Add other pins in our hoodie capsule
For an edgy, rebellious look, pair it with our other detachable pins, your favorite sustainable bottoms, and some fierce combat boots. Be sure to check out the Front pin, pocket pin sets, and belts within this eco-friendly capsule.
Remove the hood + sleeves
For an active vibe, simply remove the sleeves or the hood and pair it as a vest with your favorite matching bottoms. Store the detachable parts somewhere safe until you need your vest to function as a hoodie again. The possibilities are endless with this garment.
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utility hat capsule

Discover our transformable hat, crafted from organic cotton and accompanied by an up-cycled leather pin. We modified this hat (sustainably manufactured by Econscious) by adding industrial-quality snap buttons. These buttons allow you to attach various pins to the front, amplifying your style and personalization.

unique accessories

Ready to take your hoodie fashion game to dazzling heights? Meet our expanding collection of transformable unique accessories. Unleash your rebellious soul with our upcycled leather choker. You can attach different centerpieces and transform and reinvent your look each time you wear it. Designed as a pin for boots, booties, and your favorite Dr. Martens shoes, our fun shoe accessory is a game-changer when it comes to doing more with less. The eco-friendly tote bag, expertly crafted from a delightful hemp and cotton mix — it comes with a cactus leather pin for that extra touch of style.


The showstopper of our dress capsule — the oversized wool dress — is handcrafted from premium surplus 100% wool fabric, sourced from the creme de la creme of the fashion industry. This head-turner is available in four colors. The set includes not only the dress itself but also a fabulous detachable collar, adorned with seven complementary pins. 🎀💎
But wait, there’s more! Mix and match it with other chic detachable collars in our collection to curate your signature style.


With eye-catching metal elements adorning its design, this vest exudes an air of fearlessness and rebellion. What sets this vest apart is its modular construction. Comprising four individual pieces connected by snap buttons, it grants you the freedom to mix and match different vest sets, unlocking a world of limitless fashion possibilities.

kids capsule

We’re thrilled to announce our latest addition: the Kids & Teens Eco Capsule! From upcycled denim dresses to organic cotton modular hoodies, caps, totes, and more – we’ve got it all. Any young rebels in the house?»


Your feedback is our secret sauce for success. Whether you want to sing our praises or give us a gentle nudge, don’t be shy — shoot us an email or slide into our Etsy messages. We’re all ears (metaphorically, of course) and genuinely excited to hear your thoughts.

IN LOVE! I was so excited to find this vest before we left for Burning Man, I couldn't dream of a more perfect place to show it off!
The vest is stunning; the craftsmanship, versatility, and attention to detail are unparalleled. The vest shipped quickly and was packaged beautifully. I am a huge fan of this shop and its ethos; I love that I can see who made my vest and that they take their commitment to the environment seriously. -Otilia G.
This hat not only adds a touch of charm to any outfit but also aligns perfectly with my commitment to sustainability.
The brown color is versatile and suits a wide range of looks, whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or keeping it casual. What sets this hat apart is its sustainable credentials. Knowing that it's made with eco-friendly materials and practices adds a sense of pride when wearing it. -teoteona
I received the package very quickly, and I'm thrilled that I can pair this dress with a wide variety of boots, shoes, and styles.
The material, which is organic cotton, feels absolutely amazing against my skin, and as someone who cares deeply about the environment, I appreciate the fact that organic cotton production saves a significant amount of water compared to conventional cotton production. --Kseniia
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